Teams drive an organisation. Unfortunately, many of them don’t reach their full potential. We created five situations we often see within teams. Which one do you recognize?

2020. Teams spend most of their time working remotely. It affects people. Connections with their colleagues and their teams weaken.

In FRICTION’s approach Remote & (Re)connected we assess how everyone is doing right now and how we can strengthen the connection between team members. We help teams to make progress and find the right balance in these new work situations.

Your organisation is changing. The team keeps resisting the change and cannot bring itself to accept what is inevitable.

In FRICTION’s approach Endings & Beginnings the team respectfully takes leave from what was. The team co-creates its own story within the company framework. In doing so it brings its own new reality one step closer.


Your team has settled itself in its comfort zone, it is snug and pleased with itself but it seems to have come to a halt. Agility is increasingly a must in your competitive business environment.

In FRICTION’s approach Comfort & Disruption the team realises that a standstill might be lethal and that they have to take a close look at themselves. The team learns that friction and debate can be constructive and generate new ideas, concepts and processes.


Your team is stuck in endless conflict with each other and with you as their leader. Performance has gone down the drain.

In FRICTION’s approach Conflict & Performance the team revisits its conflict and behaviour. In a safe container the team discovers and rewrites the patterns that no longer serve them. The teams elucidates its purpose, values and task.


Your team has ambitious targets and works at an incredible pace. Chasing after every possible opportunity gets in the way of efficiency and progress.

In FRICTION’s approach Busyness & Focus the team takes a step back and comes to a halt. It is time for reflection, vulnerability and personal leadership. It is time to revisit the team’s WHY and the priorities that flow from that.


FRICTION uses constellations to help teams gain insight in what is blocking their progress in order to regain their vitality.


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