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Where friction and fiction meet


FRICTION is a team approach with a systemic stance, where we look at teams through various lenses, combined with constellations and stakeholder centered coaching to really get to the essence. Friction aims at bringing your team to a higher level. Teams discover in a contained environment what the underlying patterns and dynamics are and they experience having courageous conversations. We meet the team where they are, without judgement but with compassionate distance.

The focus is entirely on the story the team tells  – fiction- and the debate that rewriting requires – friction. The sessions aim at insight, experiencing, exploring new avenues, finding focus and anchoring that in concrete action plans.

For ambitious leaders who want to become more aware and who want to boost their team,  Friction designed its open programme LAB. Read more…


A team is defined by the purpose it serves that requires collaboration, so it is more than the sum of the parts. In team sessions we zoom in on those aspects of the business eco system that are most in need of attention.

We figure out what is most urgent in the discovery phase in which we collect data in a team session, interview various stakeholders and/or do a 360 teamscan online (Friction is certified to use Team Connect 360 AoEC).

On the basis of those data and what we pick up with our senses as we talk to people, we design a coaching trajectory in co-creation with the team, team leader and/or sponsor and we contract for the work.

In the execution and engagement phase we work with the team during team away days,  individual coaching and live coaching in meetings. Virtual team coaching is a definite possibility.

Review, evaluation & learning is the last phase

What can you expect from us?


Business acumen

We quickly cotton on to your business challenges and we speak your language.

Safe Space

We build a strong connection with all team members and their sponsors so that participants feel safe.

Meaning making

We do not have the monopoly on the truth. In our team sessions we jointly figure out what words actually mean for the team. Now and then we slow down the conversation to bring clarity.

Focus on interaction

We do not focus on the quality of individuals, rather we focus on the quality of relationships.

Backbone and heart

We invite our clients to be more rigorous in their thinking. We are both backbone (we state our positions clearly) and heart (we tune into the relationship with understanding and compassion)

Compassionate distance

We see and hear the team dynamics without getting entangled and we help the team discover and rewrite patterns that aren’t particularly helpful.

Client knows best

We leave the responsibility with the client. We contract carefully with our clients to make this possible.

Stakeholder alignment

We empower the team to bridge the gap between where they are now and where their stakeholders might want them to be.

Continuous learning

We empower the team to continue their development in between and after the sessions.

FRICTION uses constellations to help teams gain insight in what is blocking their progress in order to regain their vitality.


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