Why Friction

The western world is not short of individual coaches, facilitators and trainers. What is desperately needed in this era of exponential change and greater stakeholder complexity are systemic team coaches who understand organisational health, connect on a personal level, master the art of coaching and look at the business through multiple lenses. FRICTION is a boutique team coaching proposition developed by experienced and highly qualified specialists. They take an integrated stance to help teams improve their effectiveness, engagement and work through dilemmas so that teams can transform.

My passion is to make teams future fit.

Lieve Van de Walle

I am a natural change-agent and strategist. I have always gone for these sorts of roles in the organisations I worked for. I must admit I have often complained about co-workers and teams that wouldn’t engage in a change project willingly. But by repeatedly pushing against a precarious eco-system, I learned the power of ‘what cannot be said’ and how that might lead to sabotage. Developing deep listening skills and awareness in teams so they get into a positive flow, that is what I live for.

I am curious about people’s stories and how they link up.

Greet Aernoudt

Being passionate about connections between people and between people and goals, I like to co-design the architecture of organisations and projects. I have an empathic disposition so I tend to be quite curious about people’s personal stories and how they link up. It has become increasingly clear to me that those are the situations in my career where I have truly made my mark. In my eyes, the key to success is leadership and conscious personal leadership. To move – and you can take this quite literally – outdoors as well as indoors, that is my thing.

My passion is to foster team excellence, results and impact

Marja Zandstra

As a former financial analyst, I have a genuine interest in and a true understanding of businesses. I like the complexity of how organizational results are interwoven with system dynamics, organizational culture and leadership behavior amongst other. I genuinely value the importance of results, high quality performance, effective relationships and yet simultaneously I also have a natural eye and unconditional positive regard for encouraging the heart. I have a true believe in people and it is often reflected back to me that my natural peaceful, trustworthy and committed personality allows people to open up and embark on a journey towards profound and lasting growth. My aim is to collaborate and join forces in building bridges between organizational and personal excellence, results and organizational impact.

FRICTION uses constellations to help teams gain insight in what is blocking their progress in order to regain their vitality.


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